Security awareness for Manufacturing: Maintain operational continuity

Manufacturing continues to be a prime target for cyber incidents. Schedule time below to learn how you can protect employees with regular security awareness training and education.

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What cybersecurity trends are indicating for manufacturing


In 2022, ransomware attacks
on manufacturers spiked by 50%

$6.18 million

The average cost of a data breach 
in Manufacturing


% of phishing attacks that were
aimed at Manufacturing in the prior year.


Top security threats for manufacturing

In today's digital age, manufacturing continues to be a top target for cybercriminals. By integrating a successful security awareness training program, you can defend your organization's data, maintain operational continuity and mitigate financial losses. This protects intellectual property, customer information, and proprietary data.

Security Awareness Training

How Infosec supports Manufacturing

Infosec IQ provides a security awareness training platform that empowers employees with the knowledge and skills to reduce their overall cyber risk. 

We’ll help you streamline your security awareness training program by providing time-saving automations and tools. The platform offers:

  • Over 2,000+ interactive training resources in various styles, formats, themes and languages.
  • Pre-built training program plans that make launching a turnkey, engaging and effective program easy.
  • Out-of-the-box reports and dashboards that surface actionable data and show the success of your program.
  • Hands-on, in-the-moment training to reinforce cybersecurity best practices.
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Streamline and meet compliance

We've created security awareness training plans that can be easily integrated into your calendar. Manufacturing companies often handle sensitive data subject to industry-specific regulations and compliance standards. Cybersecurity training ensures employees understand their roles and responsibilities in maintaining compliance, reducing the risk of regulatory penalties or legal consequences. 

Our built-in automations make it easy for you to implement one of these training plans in just a few clicks. Our automated reports allow you to keep stakeholders informed on the progress of your program without having to lift a finger. 

Build an impactful program

At Infosec, we take great pride in providing our customers with a seamless and hassle-free experience. Right from the beginning, we work closely with you to configure your system, offer training recommendations, ensure that you understand every feature and even help you set up your training program. 

Your dedicated client success manager will serve as your security awareness training advisor by sharing best practices, benchmarks and guidance to help you build, improve outcomes and mature your training program. This includes developing, but is not limited to:

  • Strategies for launching and maintaining your program and gaining buy-in.
  • Methods for selecting the right training styles and cadence for employees.
  • Evaluation metrics to prove program effectiveness and training compliance.

Case Study

How One Company Stopped Chasing Gremlins and Launched Cybersecurity Training

Learn about how an IT leader at a manufacturing company created a cybersecurity training program with the help of Infosec IQ.


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