Integrate, automate & save time

Automate routine tasks and integrate your awareness program with existing security, training and business intelligence tools.

Coming soon! Streamline identity management and user provisioning

Infosec’s SCIM-based identity management service integrates with leading identity management solutions like Azure Active Directory, Okta, Auth0, SailPoint, Oracle Identity Manager, OneLogin, Ping and JumpCloud.

Automated user provisioning helps organize your learner information so you can quickly create groups and deliver training by department, employee start date and more.

Authenticate learners with SSO

Enable single sign-on (SSO) to authenticate learner identities before serving training modules and prove each employee completes their own training. If a learner’s SSO credentials do not match their Infosec IQ learner email address, the learner is rejected from the training module.

Infosec IQ admins can configure and manage SSO from Infosec’s identity service.

Deliver training from your LMS

Deliver Infosec IQ training from your LMS with SCORM as a Service. Download a SCORM package for any training module, upload it to your LMS and stream from Infosec IQ to always deliver the most up-to-date training available.

Simplify suspicious email reporting

Install PhishNotify email reporter to enable employees to report suspicious emails from their inbox. Employee-reported emails are moved to the employee’s trash or spam folder and placed in your Infosec IQ quarantine for further analysis.

Take action with endpoint protection integration

Integrate with your endpoint protection provider to deliver training to employees based on their involvement in security-related events. Training is delivered immediately, in the teachable moment, to reinforce security best practices.

Build a custom integration with the Infosec IQ API

Infosec IQ’s API aggregates key learner performance statistics alongside other business-critical data points. This simplifies information sharing with your leadership team and helps you:

  • Save time by consolidating reporting activities across platforms
  • Validate training-driven reductions in detected security events
  • Integrate learner data into your HR or LMS platform to document training performance and completion

Endpoints accessible through the API include:

  • PhishSim campaign performance
  • AwareEd campaign performance
  • Retrieve email information from PhishHunter
  • Learner grades
  • Learner timeline events
  • Enrolled learner information
  • Learner groups

Request your API key

Infosec IQ clients can request API keys here. For additional integration resources and documentation, visit our developer resources page.