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Securing operational technology: ICS, IoT, AI and more | Guest Francis Cianfrocca

If you want to learn more about working with operational technology (OT) and internet-connected devices, then don't miss today's episode with Francis Cianfrocca, CEO of Insight Cyber Group. He discusses security problems around OT and IoT systems and shares some surprising stories of intruders in the electrical grid. He also talks about why it’s so hard to secure a set of machines that often pre-date computer technology and the small changes in your community that can make huge differences in the entire security industry.

0:00 - Free cybersecurity training resources
0:56 - Overview of today's episode
1:48 - Who is Francis Cianfrocca and Insight Cyber?
2:15 - Getting into tech and cybersecurity
4:13 - Francis' job roles and companies
5:22 - Early days of ICS systems security
10:15 - CEO duties at a cybersecurity startup
12:19 - Why is infrastructure security so bad?
16:05 - Different approaches needed for ICS and IOT systems
20:23 - Catching intruders early on with industrial systems
22:45 - Using artificial intelligence in ICS security
24:50 - Bad actors are really good at reconnaissance
27:20 - ICS and IOT environments cannot have downtime
30:00 - Asset and behavioral inventory is difficult
31:42 - Real-world examples of rogue ICS software
36:30 - ICS vs. IOT security
42:57 - How to promote industrial security careers
46:07 - Impact of AI on cybersecurity careers
48:40 - Preparing for an ICS cybersecurity career
51:07 - What's Insight Cyber working on?
52:45 - Outro
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Cybersecurity project management: A peek behind the curtain | Cyber Work Live

Last year, Cyber Work Live brought you into the world of cybersecurity project management — with tips for acquiring your skills, improving your resume and getting your foot in the door. But what does the day-to-day work of cybersecurity project managers look like?

Jackie Olshack and Ginny Morton return to answer that question. They’ll also share experiences they’ve gained while working on some of their biggest projects!

0:00 - Intro
0:50 - Who is Jackie Olshack?
1:24 - Who is Ginny Morton?
2:52 - Can non-technical PMs move into the tech space?
8:50 - Best way to manage projects with limited resources
13:30 - What certificates are needed for project management jobs?
18:52 - How do you kick off a cybersecurity project?
28:41 - How do you keep the project on schedule?
34:15 - Tips for networking in remote working situations
36:55 - Dealing with slowdowns and delays in projects
43:35 - Importance of a supportive environment in projects
47:40 - Dealing with delays from other teams in projects
50:35 - Tips for managing multiple projects at once
55:35 - How can teams support their project manager
56:35 - Transitioning into a cybersecurity career
59:00 - Outro and Infosec Skills giveaway
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OWASP Top 10: What cybersecurity professionals need to know | Guest John Wagnon

On today's episode, our old pal John Wagnon, Infosec Skills author and keeper of the secrets of OWASP, joins me to talk about the big changes in the OWASP Top 10 that happened at the end of 2021, his own class teaching the Top 10, and some job tips, study hints and career pivots for people interested in these vulnerabilities. Find out why access managers are going to rule the world someday!

0:00 - Free cybersecurity training resources
0:56 - Overview of today's episode
1:43 - Who is John Wagnon?
2:50 - Working in cybersecurity and teaching OWASP
4:18 - What is the OWASP Top 10?
7:51 - How did the OWASP Top 10 change in 2021?
15:48 - Why do these security issues never go away?
19:06 - Cybersecurity roles using the OWASP Top 10
23:43 - What's covered in John's OWASP Top 10 courses?
26:42 - How to get hands-on cybersecurity experience
30:24 - Vulnerability-related cybersecurity career paths
34:16 - What is John working on with Infosec and Fortinet?
35:37 - Using your career as a learning opportunity
37:16 - Learn more about John Wagnon and OWASP
38:30 - Outro
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Your personal data is everywhere: What can you do about it? | Guest Mark Kapczynski

Today on the Cyber Work Podcast, Mark Kapczynski of OneRep reminds us of an awful truth most people either don’t know or don’t like to think about. Your personal information — your address, your phone number, your age — all of these things are on the public internet! Mark talks about OneRep’s mission to scrub personal information from these sites, suggests changes that could help prevent this problem, and shares ways you could base a career in this fight for data privacy and autonomy. All that and a detour into grade-school home computer shenanigans on today's episode.

0:00 - Free cybersecurity training resources
0:56 - Overview of today's episode
1:50 - Who is Mark Kapczynski?
2:44 - Data breaches are a way of life
3:36 - Getting started in IT and cybersecurity
5:41 - Helping the film industry go digital
7:31 - Transitioning industries from paper to digital
9:53 - What types of personal data are on the internet?
12:40 - How people search sites sell PII and make money
14:50 - How to get personal information removed from sites
18:07 - What type of services does OneRep offer?
19:19 - How is public personal data used in cybercrime?
23:01 - How can consumers limit personal data exposure?
26:38 - Regulatory changes needed to protect personal data
29:00 - Who owns your personal data?
30:55 - Web 3.0, smart contracts and other tech needed
33:58 - Jobs and careers related to data privacy
36:38 - Every professional needs to understand data
39:50 - What makes a data professional's resume stand out?
41:50 - What is OneRep?
44:30 - Outro
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Keeping your inbox safe: Real-life BEC attacks and email fraud careers | Guest John Wilson

Today's episode is all about email fraud. John Wilson, head of the cyber intelligence division at Agari by HelpSystems, discusses Business Email Compromise (BEC), spearphishing, whaling, romance fraud and more. If you can name it, John’s studied it. And he's likely collected intel that’s managed to freeze cybercriminals’ assets — and even put them away. He gives career tips and advice for engaging in threat research at all levels, we discuss the pyrrhic victory that is the modern spam filter, and John tells me why BEC fraud hunters’ best asset is a degree in psychology! All that and loads more, today on Cyber Work!

0:00 - Free cybersecurity training resources
0:58 - Overview of today's episode
1:58 - Who is John Wilson?
3:02 - Getting into cybersecurity
4:58 - How spam has evolved over the years
8:12 - Why pursue a career in fraud?
11:10 - 3 primary vectors for email attacks
15:20 - Is BEC ever an insider threat?
16:16 - Is education making a difference on BEC attacks?
20:55 - Tracking down BEC actors and recovering assets
23:50 - Two angles to preventing BEC attacks
29:12 - Careers related to BEC and phishing prevention
34:42 - How to gain cybersecurity experience and get hired
37:25 - Agari and email fraud protection
42:16 - Outro
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Cybersecurity has a marketing problem — and we’re going to fix it | Cyber Work Podcast

On today's episode, we're breaking down phrases you've heard a million times: “security is everyone’s job,” “humans are the weakest link in the security chain,” “it’s not if you get breached, but when.” Returning guest Alyssa Miller drills into these comforting nostrums and explains why, even when they’re used for well-intended purposes, they often act to limit the conversation and the options, rather than address the hard work needed to overcome these evergreen problems. You’re not going to want to miss this one, folks! It’s all that, plus a little bit of book talk, today on Cyber Work!

0:00 - Intro
1:38 - Alyssa's tweet that inspired this episode
4:00 - Why you need to read the Cybersecurity Career Guide
9:10 - Cybersecurity platitudes and clichés
11:30 - Cliché 1: "It's not if you get breached, but when"
18:44 - Cliché 2:"Just patch your shit"
24:58 - Cliché 3: "Users are the weakest link"
32:34 - Cliché 4: "Security is everyone's job"
35:52 - Cliché 5: What is a "quality gate"?
44:14 - Cliché 6: "You just need passion to get hired"
48:14 - How to write a better cybersecurity job description
50:15 - Business value of diversity and inclusion
52:52 - Building a security champions program
55:12 - Where can you connect with Alyssa Miller?
56:44 - Outro
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Weekly career advice

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