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The Higher Education industry is a prime target for cyber incidents. Book a meeting with a member of our team to learn how you can protect faculty, staff and students with regular security awareness training and education.

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90% of organizations credit Infosec IQ for building a strong cybersecurity culture and making their organization more secure and cyber resilient!


Infosec IQ’s training modules positively impact behavior by increasing the number of suspicious emails reported by more than 50% after the first year.



By utilizing our training resources, like simulated phishing tests, employees have seen a 75% improvement in their phishing report times after using Infosec IQ.

What cybersecurity trends are indicating for higher education institutions


Top security threats for colleges

In today's digital age, colleges and universities are targets for cybercriminals. By integrating a successful security awareness training program you can defend your institution's data, reduce security risk, and protect the brand. This protects personal information and academic records belonging to faculty, staff, and students. 

Building an impactful and engaging security awareness program for higher education is essential to protect sensitive information, safeguard the reputation of the institution, and ensure the safety of faculty, staff, and students.

Keatron Evans, VP of Portfolio Strategy at Infosec

Latest Article

7 Ways to Build an Impactful Higher Ed Security Awareness Program

Here are seven ways to build an impactful and lasting security awareness program for higher education:

  1. Develop a comprehensive security policy.
  2. Conduct regular, role-based security awareness training.
  3. Develop a separate security awareness program for students.
  4. Encourage faculty, staff, and students to report security incidents.
  5. Conduct regular security assessments.
  6. Ensure continuous improvement.
  7. Get buy-in from the administration.

Keatron Evans, VP of Portfolio Strategy at Infosec

Read Keatron's full article here.

Case study

How ECU utilizes security awareness training to protect sensitive data

Universities are home not just to students and faculty but also to all the sensitive data that goes along with operating a major research institution. Learn how East Carolina University protects sensitive data by implementing a security awareness training platform that offers personalized and engaging training in this case study.

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How Infosec supports Higher Ed institutions

Infosec IQ streamlines the entire security awareness training program by providing you with time-saving resources and tools. We've created security awareness training plans that can be easily integrated into your academic calendar. These plans cover NIST-recommended cybersecurity topics and compliance subjects such as FERPA. Your faculty and staff will receive recurring training to ensure the cyber-resilience of your institution.

We make it easy to launch a turn-key, engaging and effective program. Keep your institution cyber-resilient with these complimentary resources.

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Higher education: Building an impactful security awareness program

Learn about higher education institutions' unique opportunities to begin or enhance their security awareness programs. This session will focus on:

  • Strategies for launching and maintaining your program and gaining buy-in
  • Methods for selecting the right training styles and cadence for staff, faculty and students
  • Evaluation metrics to prove program effectiveness
  • And more

We use Infosec IQ for phishing campaigns and training for our teachers and staff. We find a lot of our staff have not caught up with cybersecurity so having that extra line of defense and training goes far. We use it on almost everyone thats uses a computer or has access to a computer.

TrustRadius Verified User, Employee in IT at Primary/Secondary Education Company

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